As I’ve been reading through my daily food safety news feeds, I’ve seen two different products recalled by two different companies but for the same potential problem –Salmonella.

It got me thinking about the number of recalls I see relating to Salmonella and how these products are not necessarily the products you would think of when considering food safety risks. The two recalled products were pistachios and loose tea. Part of my food safety audit is to look at the traceability of products and whether the suppliers have received any form of approval. Often suppliers for traditional high risk foods such as cooked meat and dairy have been audited and approved but much less stringent checks have been done on suppliers providing dry goods. Would you be confident your supplier for spices or nuts is doing the required microbiological monitoring and will inform you of an issue leading to a recall?

These two recall alerts also got me thinking about the restaurants I visit and how they decant dry store items and discard the original packaging and batch code information. How would your restaurant cope if you were notified of a recall of tea bags? Have you still got the original batch code information or would you need to waste all of your tea bags, even those potentially not affected?

Something to consider this week…

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