It’s that time of year again, the sun is shining and the BBQs are getting their annual outing. Working in food safety, people always say I must be a nightmare at BBQs, actually quite the opposite I take my own temperature probe and sanitiser (OK I might be a bit of a nightmare!) Fortunately my friends are used to it and happily sit back with a beer whilst I cook for them (even at someone else’s house). I keep salads in the fridge until the last minute, sanitise my probe between products and have separate tongs for raw and cooked foods. All the basic stuff you’d expect in any kitchen. However, for some reason, restaurants having BBQs often forget about the basics and go all ‘wild camping’ in their West London beer garden. So, what should you consider when doing a BBQ for the general public? Our new food safety management system has a section dedicated to BBQs and outdoor cooking, there’s pre-set due diligence forms for the day and a list of considerations prior to the event. Find it in the members’ area of the website or your food safety management system manual.

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