Unique Safe Isolation for Like for Like Electrical Work Course

This course was specifically designed to provide maintenance engineers and handymen with the competency required to undertake a narrow scope of electrical works safely and with confidence.

Tasks such as like-for-like replacement of damaged socket covers and light switches and other fittings are routinely carried out in the home but at work such activities fall under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 which require persons to be competent to avoid serious or even fatal electric shock accidents and fires.

We know that to save money, in-house maintenance personnel will undertake such tasks without being competent. Not only are they are risk themselves the company is also running the risk of prosecution for failing to provide employees with the competency to carry out their work safely.

This course is a distance learning package comprising of:


High quality course workbook





The employee completed the course comprising the following modules in their own time:

  • Introduction and Dangers of Electricity;
  • Legislation and Competency;
  • Safe Isolation of Electrical Systems and Equipment;
  • Identification and In-Service User/Formal Visual Inspection of Electrical Appliances;
  • Changing Electrical Appliance Plugs; and
  • Working at Height.

Having completed the course the employee and returns the completed workbook to us for internal verification and issue of a certificate of completion along with the workbook as a handy reference tool.

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